Learn how to create experiments on Merge

Research Accounts

Getting setup to use Merge

Class Accounts and Use

Using Merge in classes as instructor or student

Hello World (Command Line Interface)

A hello world experiment in Merge using the command line interface

Hello World (Web Interface)

A hello world experiment in Merge using the Web interface (“Launch”)

Hosting Externally Accessible Services

How to host services in your experiment that are internet accessible.

Command Line Interface Reference

Using the Merge command line interface

Experiment Model Reference

Reference guide for the Merge Experiment Model Language

Network Emulation

Using the Moa network emulation subsystem

Node Resolution and Naming

Using and configuring node resolution services

Experiment Development Containers (XDCs)

Using XDCs to access nodes of a materialization

Experiment Automation

Tools to automate experiments

Port Forwarding

Doing port fowarding on Merge testbeds

Last modified May 10, 2022: general updates to documentation (2dba904)