The Merge Testbed Platform

Conduct experimental research on networked systems.

Merge is a network testbed platform.

Build the sytems of interest with bare-metal and virtual machines.

Interconnect those machines through high-fidelity emulated networks.

Run experiments that shape tomorrow’s systems.

Create Experiments

Use Merge to explore new ideas in interconnected systems.

Develop experiment models that rigorously define the domain of applicability. A code-driven approach to experiment developemnt with powerful tools for compilation, static analysis and model fragment generation.

Evaluate Systems

Create dynamic and challenging environments for systems to operate in to test resilience and robustness.

Describe the environment in which your experiment exists using emulated networks and computers, simulated physical systems and agents that model human behavior.

Build Testbed Facilities

Use Merge to build testbeds with unique capabilites that open new doors in experimentation.

Run your experiments on one of our testbed facilities, join our testbed ecosystem as a resource provider, or build your own distributed system of testbeds using Merge technology. MergeTB is a modular platform for building testbed ecosystems.

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